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Interpretation Services

Experienced face-to-face, online and audio interpretation services
in a wide variety of event and proffessional settings.

Orly Benun is an experienced interpreter, and has been practicing since 2005. She has a certificate in medical interpretation and is presently being certified as a Court Interpreter.

As the founder of the Center, Orly Benun has extensive experience providing quality interpreting services for the following events and environments:

We provide interpretations in the following settings:

We have extensive knowledge and familiarity with both Israeli and American cultures and will provide you with friendly and professional service.

  •          Business meetings
  •          Legal depositions
  •          Private matters
  •          Medical exams
  •          Hospital exams
  •          Rehabilitation settings
  •          Educational settings
  •          Tours
  •          Insurance
  •          Mental health
  •          Social services
  •          Interviews
  •          Training

Medical Interpreter - Certificate

We count among our clients:

U.S. Department of Defense, New York Department of Education, The Center for Educational Innovation, Nickelodeon, Cornell Hospital, NYU Medical Center, Beth Israel Medical Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center,  Columbia Presbyterian hospital, Hospital for Special Surgery, and various law firms.